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Compare book and movie of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, America’s most famous fairy tale of the 20th century had given thousands of Americans great memories of their childhood. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has been selected as the one of the greatest fairy tales in America. 1939 the first The Wonderful Wizard of Oz movies had shown to people and had great success. The director of movie want this movie make more sense to watchers and change some little details from the book. First of all, according to the movie the whole story happened in Dorothy’s dream at the last part of the movie Dorothy woke up on her bed, Aunt Em was taking care of her when she woke up.Dorothy keep telling to people in Kansas that she went…show more content…
She wants her shoes back, but as long as Dorothy still alive she couldn’t take her shoes off, at this point the wicked witch had already become the main bad guy of this movie. In fact in the book the Wicked Witch was a minor charator, the mian story is about how can Dorothy go back to Kansas rather than if Dorothy defect the wicked witch, the shoes Dorothy wearing are also mention that it is a pair of silver shoes in the book, in the movie this pair of shoes are…show more content…
The suggestion starts when Dorothy and her house arrived above the wicked witch of East, in this part Lyman Frank Baum(Author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) suggests the witch as Grover Cleveland the president of us, Cleveland start the Gold Standard, in the story witch of east had the silver shoes which mean before Cleveland us was stilling using Silver Standard.In this case the dirctor of movie change the most important synblom to a pair of red shoes which destory the main idea of L.Frank Baum and what he really trying to show to the people of Amrica. In order to go home Dorothy have to walk through the yellow brick road which suggest the Gold Standard, during her way to Emerald City she met Scarecrow which is farmers,Tin man which is workers and the lion suggest William Bryan who is the politician backed silver caused.Where they are going-Emerald City can also be consider as Washington D.C or Us dollars.The name of the kingdom-Oz have a similar sounds of ounce which is the unit of silver and

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