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Christian Islas Dr. Prothero AP English literature and composition 11 October 2014 “War is kind”, by Stephen Crane, “Dulce et Decorum Est”, and “The death of the Ball Turret Gunner”, all share similar and different aspects. All three poems have similar themes such as, warfare, patriotism, death, and use vivid images, similes, and metaphors to portray the irony between the glory of war and the reality of it. But, by looking how in each poem they use these elements differently, it's clear that the speakers in each poem are soldiers, but are ranked differently in the spectrum of military ranks. In, “War is kind” the first line starts off ironic, “Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind.” We definitely know that war is not kind and the speakers is going to argue the exact opposite. The speaker uses imagery throughout the poem, for example in line two, “Because your lover threw wild hands towards…show more content…
Also, in line two he uses another simile, “Knock-Kneed, coughing like hags,we cursed through sludge,” In this quote the speaker compares the men to the hags. In the middle of line five owen creates caesura to call the attention of the terseness of the poem’s language. In line six, he uses parallel structure, “All went lame;all blind,” he emphasizes misery as a universal condition. In line fifteen the speaker reference his “helpless sight” and creates a paradoxical image. However, Owen might be describing the helplessness of the speaker himself. Since thats the case “sight” functions as a synecdoche. The imagery in line nineteen “the white eyes writhing in his face,” symbolizes if the eyes have a life of its own. In line twenty owen makes an allusion about the devil, “His hanging face, like a devil’s sick of sin.” Owen uses another allusion in

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