Why Is Trust More Important Than Understanding

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I believe that trust is more important than understanding. I don't know if that sentence made much sense but bare with me and listen and I'll try to clear it up. Anyway, when I first came to believe this was not too long ago. It was late and it was dark and my sister, April, and I had just finished taking our dog out for a walk. We were sat down on the swing set outside of my house just talking. We talk outside when it's late and we have to take the dog out so this wasn't an odd occurrence. April was telling me about her friends and what they were doing recently. She told me about the silly drama that her friend group had going on that she never wanted to get involved in and was actually sick and tired of. I couldn't quite relate to her and her experiences hanging…show more content…
I don't remember where she wanted to hang out. What I do remember, was the overwhelming dread that just swept over me and how the mood of the night just seemed to change dramatically in my eyes. I wanted to decline her invite, because of the extreme anxiety that I felt just thinking about it. But I didn't want to sound like I didn't appreciate the offer. And so I tried to explain my feelings to her. How it was a huge fear of mine just being in a busy public place not to mention with a big group of older people that I don't really know. I tried to explain how I'd probably be a drag on her and her group. And as I explained she was quiet and I knew by her silence that she wasn't comprehending what I was trying to say. And so I kind of just looked down at my feet and tried to explain what was just so simple. Of course it was simple to me. I tried harder and harder to make her understand it but I'd already said everything at that point and I was just talking in circles. I was making myself incredibly frustrated. I had just gotten so angry that I looked straight up at her and yelled like a typical teenager, "You don't

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