Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Ann Jacobs: Song Analysis

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Trinity Clark Dr. Betty LaFace English 1102 29 September 2015 Songs of Courage When I was reading Harriet Ann Jacobs's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, I took some time to think that if Harriet had an iPod what songs she would have listened to. In today’s time there is a wide variety of songs she could have chosen from. So many songs come to mind, she could have chosen a song that ranged from Christian and Gospel, Classical, Pop, or R&B and Soul. The three songs I have picked out are the songs that I feel would have helped her get through her hard times in life. The first two songs are by Demi Lovato, which are Warrior and Skyscraper. The third song is It’s Working by William Murphy. By choosing Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper, I know that this song without a doubt would have helped her through all the hardship she had to…show more content…
Not only if you listen to the song but actually take the time to understand the lyrics, you can see that this is not only a song but a story to. It tells a story of a woman, who has faced the true hardships of life. Everything she went through it left some kind of mark or a reminder to let her know that if she can overcome this then she can overcome anything, because she is a warrior. Looking at the bridge of this song, it tells about a little girl who grew up too fast and that it’s too late to get her life back. She felt that she would never be the same, but she decided that she was going to take her life back. That there is nothing that anyone could say or do. She felt stronger than she’s ever felt and she knows that she is a warrior. No one can ever hurt her again. This is how I see Harriet; a woman who went through so much and in the end she came out stronger than what she thought she would be. She came out a true

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