Why Is Robin Hood Bad

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Robin Hood demonstrates the ideal of “stealing from the rich and giving to the poor”. He rights the unequal events of success by taking it away and distributing it to those who are not deserving of it. Ragnar Danneskjold is the antithesis of this ideal and believes that it gives negativity to being rich and earning a good living that one has worked hard to achieve; that it promotes incompetence and deficiency of the ability to earn one’s living righteously. Danneskjold shows by needing Robin Hood’s destruction that he disapproves and is disgusted by this image and must right others’ wrongs. He must give back money, power, achievements, and life to those who have rightfully earned it. This is the fight that Danneskjold is fighting, giving back to those who have been wronged by the Robin Hood ideal in payments of gold.…show more content…
Being that success in riches is received because of hard work, these men are named evil because they are being rewarded for this. If successful and rich lifestyles have been earned because of malpractice or untrue actions, these men are simply being named evil because they have money, though they are not being chastized for their wrongdoings. What Danneskjold is stating in saying that he wishes to wipe out the idea of Robin Hood is that it is fundamental that men stop taking from those who have earned their money, because they deserve it. He insists that men stop bothering to take from those who have only collected it, because they should be receiving punishment for something far worse that holding
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