How Did The Popular Front Stop Fascism

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Both articles are specifically mentioning about how the Popular Front was established in the 1930’s and the arguments on how the Communist proposed Popular Front as a strategy to fight fascism. Fascism was basically a government that was founded by Benito Mussolini, in which he had three principles for the philosophy. For one a dictator would rule the state. Two is that the state had to imply the goal of the government and its policy only. The third principle was very strict; there was no questioning about the government being tolerated. It was a one way highway the people was one sided. Spain and France were parliamentary projects in the social and economic reforms that would eventually increase Europe’s fascist levels. The strategy of the…show more content…
These alliances would form together of course and have each other’s back of course; this could have caused certain states to take it as a challenge to see if the other state would response. Parties with an electoral pact could be the exact term for a Popular Front. The strategy of the Popular Front for France and Spain was informed to the Communist and socialist parties. The Popular Front for Spain was converse to take part into the French experience of 1934 in which the Socialist-Communist alliance would include the radical party. This attempt would enact reforming the legislation that would lead steps into reforming other issues such as, redistributing land and reshaping the army. The desire of 1936 to enforce such implements would be a positive tactic to reform raison d’etre, a strategy that can be argued as one of the best Popular Front alliances in Spain. The contemporary history of Blum’s situation can be acknowledge throughout the Article of the “French Socialism and the Popular Front’’ where Irwin M. Wall explains the handling part of it. Basically Blum’s image was to create socialism and to make it affective. The Matignon agreements would be written that stated wages increase, protection of the collective bargaining. This would easily make the citizens happy and show revolutionary accomplishments of being good. The CGT movement would grow in…show more content…
It also shows accurate proof of graphs and charts about population and the comparisons on certain groups growing through its industrial production through the years. Frances political history in 1936 would be known for their important events that would change their country from years to come. For the first time France was becoming a powerful state in which they were involved in the Popular Front movement. Frances government would be a part of a Socialist-led coalition. A difference between article one and two has caught my attention already. In the first article the Popular Front is never really defined as for article two the first paragraph states there own opinion on what Popular Front means to Pierre Martin. The readings state that Popular Front was a response to strengthening the French rights on depression issues in the 1930’s and on German Nazism threats. It was a movement that gave the French people hope and confidence on how to react problems came their way. It is easy to explain on why the Popular Front declined and rose throughout this time period. The society at this time was going through the depression period, a time into the world were all several changes were happing. Many citizens throughout the world were lost, they have never

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