American Belfort Character Traits

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I saw this movie prior to doing this paper and I thought it was a good movie about a money hungry, sex- crazed mand addicted to drugs. Often times I even said I wish I was born in that era because I would have loved to been in the stock market and got in on some of the action and that’s me just being honest. But that was before I researched and found out the details to what Jordan Belfort ponizie skim involved, he basically stole people's live with strengths that he possessed such as eloquence and charisma. Belfort was a very successful man although he had major character flaws. Belfort lived a fab life and to those around him he seem to have it all under control and was known as the Robin Hood. There is a scene that shows Jordan in what…show more content…
This movie to me showed that we are ok with White collar crimes from white charismatic males who make it look good but we will lock up a drug dealer on the block for selling person crack cocaine. Jordan Belfort came home to a house, job and a car when others come home to nothing. He wants to play the victim because he owes 50 percent of his life income to the victims but guess what the judge overturned that saying he does not obligated to pay for the rest of his life but a drug dealer would pay by serving out his life in jail for a non-violent crime and selling to a person that knew what they were buying. My non-clinical assessment of Jordan Belfort works to ways 1) He was fucking brilliant a master manipulator dressed in sheeps clothing, he learned to give people what they wanted at a cost to them for trying to find a quick and easy way to get rich. These people trusted a man over the phone that they never meet mistake number one. You have winners and loser and those people were on the losing end but I bet they learned a valuable lesson when it comes to trusting people with their money and life savings. 2) although those people trusted him he had no right to betray their trust for inanimate objects and a ego boost. I feel his punishment was not harsh enough at all. But I can't be mad cause that is the society we live in and people need to be more careful about who they deal with because all money ain't good money. But overall if this was a fiction movie not a real story I have to say I enjoyed the movie and I have watched it several times but having to look at it from a clinical standpoint it a different

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