Wang Lung Family

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Because of Wang Lung's wealth, Wang Lung betrays the morals he had upheld during his life. None of his three sons respects the land as the source of wealth and happiness. Each becomes attracted to various attributes such as prestige, money, and military glory.Wang Lung’s move into the Hwang family’s old home symbolizes his family’s power taken from the Hwang family’s place in the world. Wang Lung’s family stops respecting the land; they now respect only themselves. Their hostility from the land is not just physical, but spiritual as well. Larger social developments are eroding traditional Chinese values. As the revolt in the city indicated, a social unrest has been increasing over the years, and signs of modernization have begun to appear…show more content…
His judgment is respected, and people ask him for advice. Wang Lung, although he has repeated some of the mistakes of the Hwangs, is a good and honest man.The author of this story depicts the fortunes of Wang Lung’s family as no different from the fortunes of any other family. Families, like the seasons, follow a cycle. The author also suggests that Wang Lung’s sons will likely ruin themselves by abandoning the land. An example of this is when Wang Lung says, "Now, evil, idle sons—sell the land! . . . It is the end of a family—when they begin to sell the land . . . Out of the land we came and into it we must go—and if you will hold your land you can live—no one can rob you of land. . . . If you sell the land, it is the end." This quote shows that due to Wang Lung's wealth, his sons have been damaged in the sense that they haven't been acknowledged about the importance of the Earth. This quote also shows that the Earth is the center of human affairs due because of the wealth that it can contrive if respected. Unfortunately for Wang Lung, he knows that when he dies the land might be sold by his sons. Overall, due to the son's negligence of the land and Wang Lung's wealth, the existence of

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