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The loss of identity is a key theme that occurs in both novels. White Teeth deals with the loss of identity through the central character of Samad. Samad is a character that struggles with how he sees himself as he focusses more on what society sees in him rather than what is true to himself. Through this quote Samad imagines himself wearing a description of himself around his neck. As to show people in the restaurant in which he works that his complex identity goes far beyond what they initially see of him, and that is a waiterThis quote shows his true struggle with his identity and also links to the idea of paranoia, as he believes that people just view him as a waiter and nothing else which should not be causing him so much insecurity. Samad as an adult has…show more content…
Nazneen is a child from a small town in Bangladesh who has been married off to live with Chanu in London. In her teens, Nazneen moves from Bangladesh to London and experiences the cultural shift in religions and their customs. The culture in London is very different to that of Bangladesh and at first she finds it confusing but as her interests develop; she wants to experience the true nature of the British culture. This therefore, causes her identity to become unclear. A particular quote that shows this is when Nazneen is trying to speak English in order to be able to go to college: “She had another English word. She carried it all the way down the corridor”. Nazneen is differing away from the traditional Bengali identity of a woman, who would just be expected to speak the native language and not need to get an education due to the husband being expected to be the sole provider. Alistair Cormack in his article Migration and the Politics of Narrative Form: Realism and the Postcolonial Subject in Brick Lane says: The further establishes the clash of cultures and the theory of post-colonialism in which the novel is based

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