Why Is Booker T Washington Important To The Government

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Dear Mr. President, There are many questions on how we can be good citizens and have a positive effect in society. Americans have choices in how and to what extent they participate in political and civic life. Civic and political participation allows for fair rules that the government establishes and it allows citizens to legally act and change laws they feel are unjust. It is up to the people to take a stand and declare what they believe is just and unjust. Justice is dependent on both the government and the people. It goes both ways; we depend on the government, but also the government depends on us. It is up to the government to protect our rights but it is also up to the citizens to make sure these rights fit and are equal to everyone.…show more content…
Washington deserves a national holiday because he has really contributed and given the African-American community the chance to feel equal as everyone else. Society has greatly benefited from Booker’s hard work in allowing African American’s the right to be educated. There has always been the stereotype that blacks do not have the knowledge or ability to become a successful person such as a business owner or a doctor, but because of this change in society Booker has caused it allowed the black community to show that we can achieve anything just as much as the white community can. As an African American myself, if it weren’t for Booker I probably wouldn’t have been able to graduate elementary, middle and now high school. I attended schools where a majority of the students were African-American; imagine the twist it would have been if Booker T. hadn’t had took the stand. I take advantage of this everyday because it could have been me working as a slave knowing little to nothing of grammar, math, or science. I thank Booker T. for allowing me to be able to sit in a classroom and learn just as much as anyone else can. I respectfully ask you, Mr. President to consider this idea of creating a national holiday for called Education

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