Why Is Bob Ewell Important In To Kill A Mockingbird

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People make bad and good decisions throughout their life. Some people are just flat out rude and don’t deserve for people to feel bad for them, but some people are just stuck with the life they were born into. Some people can’t change their lives. What people do with there life will determine what we feel for them. Throughout the book there is a little girl learning how to feel competition from the real world situations she is thrown into when her father defends a black man in court. People are compelled to feel compassion for the ones that are suffering like Mayella Ewell and Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockingbird, but on the other hand there is Bob Ewell that are too cruel to ever feel compassion for. Mayella Ewell is a young ninteen year old girl that has grown up very unlucky. She was raised by her mom and dad. Then her mom died and she was stuck raising all of her little siblings and dealing with her dad. Her dad was a drunk…show more content…
Was that it?’ No answer. ‘Who beat you up? Tom Robinson or your father?’ No answer’ (Lee 309). She was just scared and wanted to keep her life a little better. She saw no better way out of the situation she was in other than to lie under the oath. She deserves competition because she is stuck in the situation and she can’t get out of it. She is doing her best. The same goes for Tom Robinson. He is stuck with this crappy life because of the color of his skin. He has to live with the people of this color because everyone doesn't want to be around him and his family. He has the downfall in life. He was accused of raping a young white girl, when he really didn’t. He was tried guilty for raping her. Tom was sent to jail even when everyone knew the truth, just because the color of his skin. ‘I shut my eyes. Judge Taylor was polling the jury: ”Guilty. . . Guilty . . . guilty . . . guilty . . .”’ (Lee 349). They all knew it was the wrong thing, but they did it
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