Why Is Bilingualism Important In Canada

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Why Bilingualism Should Stay Its Stature There are some countries which are bilingual. Canada is one of them. As a bilingual country, English and French both must be displayed on every product and sign in Canada. Civil servants should have to show competency in both official languages. Because Quebec was a colony of France and other regions used to belong to England, Quebecers speak French and others speak English. To give Francophones the right to receive same opportunities, Canada guaranteed the adoption of bilingualism. As done in Canada, to support people's right to the same opportunities, bilingualism is necessary. There are also several specific advantages to explain why bilingualism is needed. Some people say Canada is a multicultural country now, so needs more multilingualism. However, bilingualism should be remained for Canadian. By the 2011 research, although it is true that Spanish speakers have increased after NAFTA, only 2.7 percent of Canadians know how to speak Spanish…show more content…
The percentage of Canada’s French speakers fell from 30.7% in 2006 to 30.1% in 2011. (May 1, 2013, pg.5) According to the Commissioner for Official Languages, 84 percent of Canadians believe that bilingualism gives them better chances of finding a job. (June 22, 2012) Of course there are more chances and even more profits. The Huffington Post Canada says that only 18 percent of Canadians are bilingual, though almost 70 percent of Canadians felt bilingualism improved employment and business opportunities. Furthermore, salaries could be different. A 2010 study from Louis Christofides and Robert Swidinsky of the University of Guelph reported that people who know both languages, English and French, earned an average income 3.8% higher than those who speak English only. Even in case of women, bilingual women earned 6.6% more. (Herry-Saint-Onge, April 7,

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