27th Infantry Division Analysis

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A brief overview: History of organization and services of 27th Infantry Division The 27th Infantry division during the World War I holds a special place in annals history of U.S.A. It is known and commemorated for its unforgettable and unprecedented service during and after the World War I. This New York division was a part of the three divisions formed from only State National Guards components. The foremost strength of the division included 991 Army officers along with 27,114 civilian enlisted men. The initial organization of the 27th Division The division was formed on July 15th, 1917. The purpose of the division was to increase in the number of soldiers in the division and during late August the division was sent for the intensive training at Camp Wardsworth located near Spartanburg, SC. At the initial stages, the division comprised of nine infantry regiments along with three…show more content…
It fought along with the numerous units including under the command of the British army. European Service Upon arrival the training continued as British trained the 27th division about what they would experience in the Picady and Flanders. Their training continued and during this period the division kept the Dickebusch Lake and Scherpenberg sectors occupied. Within a month the division’s conducted an operation which emerged as the Ypres-Lys action, from then onward the 27th Division independently operated from August 19th to September 3rd. The 27th division rendered great services in coordination with the British armies, 30th Division and the American Expeditionary Forces. Together they were able to crack into the seemingly impossible Hindenburg line which forced the German forces to take a complete retreat. The division finally has confrontation with the Germans who were retreating, at the La Selle River which market the end of the fight. The division was finally sent back home in February

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