Kobe Earthquake Research Paper

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Why did so many people die in the Kobe earthquake? Describe when and wheat the Kobe earthquake happened. the Kobe earthquake happened on 17th of january 1995 at 5:40 am in south japan and then in Kobe . the city was very advanced but still was not prepared fore a earthquake. describe what caused the earthquake the earthquake was cased by the enagy case dby the pacific plates and the philippines plates rubbing to fever when they do this is cases a massive presher change which then cased the earthquake in south japan describe 5 impacts of the earthquake explain how they affected people. their was a lot of bidden damage which cost the country a lot of money this also lead to 350,000 homeless people after the earthquake with no wear…show more content…
describe 3 things that people did after the earthquake most of the people began to look at the rubble and move it looking for solvers and tiring to rebuild their lives after the earthquakes a lot of gas pipes ruptured and then court a light so the fire brigade got involved and tried to fight the fire but a lot of the road wear blocked so they could not to get wear they needed the last thing that they did was bring help to all the now homeless people (360,000) to shelter and bring fresh water and food to them i think the main reason people died in the Kobe earthquake was i think that most of the people died to the after fire and not the earthquake the resin i think that is that the earthquake made it very hard to access the problem places so the fire could build up killing more people. then with the burst water pipe that meant as is said they ran out of water but the fire was still going strong. as well as this this damage a lot of building so making it evan more

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