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Twisted heroes are a part of everybody’s lives, but we do not always realize it. A twisted hero can be hidden in a group of friends, on a sports team, or just somebody you pass walking down the street. This hero may be found striving for perfection, and taking control of the situation. The result in having a hero can lead you or your group to being the best. Think of a captain of a sports team. It is his or her job to make sure everybody is focused and improving their skills. This captain has the authority to take control of the team, but the power they are offered can be taken for granted. Heroes can be seen from different perspectives, some good while others bad. Society considers a “good” hero as someone who saves a life without harming anyone or anything, and they consider a “bad” hero as someone who does something beneficial, but approaches it with negative thoughts or actions and needs to harm society on his or her way to success. Om Sokdae, the class monitor in Our Twisted hero by Yi Munyol, was a bad hero. In order for…show more content…
No matter what they do, they are determined to find the bad and make it better, even when their assistance is not necessary. In Our Twisted Hero, Han goes through a phase of thinking he is best for the role as the class monitor and that he deserves to have control over his friends. He is convinced that he can change so much and make a greater difference in the lives of his classmates as opposed to Om. Everyone but Han “seemed to have an instinctual terror of Sokdae.” (Munyol 25), which was one advantage Sokdae had over Han. None of the students wanted to follow what Han was preaching because they were so terrified of what Om Sokdae would do when and if he found out. Twisted Heros see what they want and stop at nothing to get his or her desired results, even if it means they will not have anyone on their side in the long

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