Who Is Responsible For King Philip II's Assassination Or Murder?

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The assassination of Philip II, the King of Macedon, saw his son Alexander into power and as the head of the recently unified Greek Alliance, which was considering coming up with plans to invade the Persian Empire. Philip II’s assassination preceded major occurrences and military actions, such as the Asian invasion, until the successful establishment of the Roman Empire, which led to development of the world’s greatest empire. Most historians, have tried their best, through conducting thorough research and surveys, to explain the mysterious assassination of Philip II, the King of Macedonia, who was assassinated in 336 BC. The mysterious death remains a controversial topic of research, as most researchers have not managed to come up with a liable and precise explanation for the primary reason for the assassination. Moreover, the death remains a mystery as individuals do not fully understand whether it was an assassination or murder (Rufus, Pp. 10). Through conducting appropriate research on the topic, it is evident that most texts provide confusing information, as they…show more content…
After Pausanias sobered up, he was bitter of the physical abuse and accused Attalus in the presence of King Philip II. However, not wanting to destroy their relationship, the King did not show any sympathy due to the kinship relationship and the present need for Attalus’s services. With this, King Phillip decided to appease Pausanias through conferring to him valuable gifts as well as a promotion to a greater position. However, Pausanias did not consider this as justice and therefore kept his resentment. He was then angered not only to Attalus but also to the King for refusing to avenge him. With this, he started his plan to murder the King, which he later perpetrated on the

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