Why Did The Roman Empire Collapse?

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The Roman Empire is considered to be one of the greatest empires in human history. So the question that needs to be raised is, how did this great empire collapse? Many factors contributed to the demise of the Roman Empire, but the most important factor was economic problems within the Roman Empire. To begin, the economy of the Roman Empire mainly consisted of an agricultural base that was taxed in order to provide the majority of the income for the Roman Empire. This system eventually caught up to the Roman Empire because the taxation on agriculture placed a large burden on the Roman citizens. Due to the burdensome placed on the citizens by these taxes, the economic foundation in Rome was slowly eaten away. Taxes were a large problem…show more content…
During the A.D 230s, Emperors started to devalue the currency and raised taxes often to make up for financial shortages and to make the currency more favorable. Every Roman Emperor form Decius to Claudius II devalued the silver coinage that was used. As a new Roman Emperors began their rule, they would melt down the previous emperor’s coinage so that their face would be on the coinage of the Roman Empire. This continuous cycle of changing the coinage, cause the citizens of the Roman Empire to lose faith in the currency because the currency was being changed every few years. This loss of confidence among the Roman Empire’s citizens can be shown by an Egyptian citizen from the year A.D 260, which explains “the bankers stand publically accused of closing the money exchanges because they will not accept the divine coin of the emperors, it has become necessary to issue this order to them to open again, and exchange all coin except the counterfeit”. This example shows the frustration of having to change coinage every time a new emperor is in power. Due to this, the citizens of the Roman Emperor began to lose confidence in the coinage of the Roman Empire. Also changing the coinage every few years is a large problem for the treasury because they are continually spending money to change the currency instead of spending it on other projects to run the Roman Empire. The devaluing of the currency ultimately led to high inflation within the Roman Empire. Since Roman Emperors were fond of devaluing the currency, the currency had no intrinsic value and now relied on the amount of silver or gold that the currency once had. As inflation goes up, the expenses of the Roman Empire go up as well. They go up because the price of the necessities necessary to run the Roman Empire rises. Also this is a problem for the

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