Ancient Rome's Ideas Of Concrete

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The Romans invented and revolutionised many innovations and technologies. Although, of all of these ancient Roman innovations and technologies, hydraulic cement-based concrete is certainly the most significant innovation that has come to be. Ancient Roman concrete was significant as it allowed the ancient world to build greater infrastructure. This in turn vitally helped keep the everyday citizens of Rome working and helped revolutionise trade and many regions’ economies. Concrete also allowed long-lasting and important health systems, as well as security systems to be put into place in ancient Rome, revolutionising both health and safety across the ancient world. On top of this, to further prove the significance of concrete, it is still being…show more content…
In fact, the Roman writer Juvenal stated that, “Bread and circuses,” were the only things that kept the Roman citizens happy. However, without the significant innovation of concrete, neither stable arenas, which is referred to as circuses, nor acquiring a sufficient amount of bread supply would have been possible. For instance, without the use of concrete, the construction of many admired arenas and infrastructure such as the Colosseum and Circus Maximus would not have been possible. These arenas, which could only have remained with the use of concrete, were so significant as they helped to prevent the everyday people of Rome, the Plebeians, from becoming restless and rebellious. This was due to the Plebeians having such tough lives when compared to the rich Patricians. Providing free entertainment through gladiatorial fights in arenas helped keep the Plebeians working for Rome. Concrete played a vital role in this, as without this innovation, no arenas could have been built or have remained stable. This would have led to the working-class of Rome to rebel over how tough their lives were without the luxury of stable arenas, stopping the income-flow coming into Rome. On top of this, without the significant Roman innovation of concrete, the luxury of bread would not have been able to be given to all the Roman citizens. Whilst most grain could be sourced from the many villas across ancient Rome, there was not enough to get the needed supply of grain to accommodate for all of Rome’s one million citizens. Because of this, concrete was needed to build roads. Many roads such as the, “Silk road which connected Rome to the rest of Europe,” were built, as sea-travel to neighbouring regions was said to be too inconvenient and

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