Why Columbus Should Be Celebrated

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In my option I think Columbus should be celebrated not hated. Even if he was not looking for America he did find a new Country. I think one of the reasons why Columbus found America was because of the currents, there are very strong currents wthat go down to Brazil then up to America. One thing I don’t like about Columbus is his stubbornness, for the rest of his life he thought he had just found a new route to the Indies. Through out my essay I will talk about why Columbus should be celebrated and what he did to deserve it. Just because Columbus sailed for Portugal does not mean he was Portuguese, in fact he was Italian. As a kid Columbus read Marco Polo’s adventures the he wrote. He was inspired to become an explorer like Marco Polo. He was a cartographer, which requires skills in art, and science. There was a major error in the maps of there time, they thought China was way bigger then it really therefore making the size of the Atlantic very different then what is really is. Some…show more content…
He took three ships with brave soldiers across the Atlantic to find the Indies, little did they know but they had made a great discovery. Even though it was most likely the currents that made him find America it was still an incredible bravery. On the verge of mutiny and starvation Columbus rallied his men to hold out for a few more days, plus they would definitely starve if they turned back. Finally they had found land, beaches and rain forests looked at them from this new island. As Columbus’s men searched this new land they ran into the indiguinus people. Columbus told the gaurds to stand down so they could talk, it turned out that they were very nice and helped Columbus. He wanted gold, and treasure to show the queen, which they gave him. The thing I like most about Columbus is the fact that he came in peace, never harmful and respecting the

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