Why Are Kids Growing Up Unsupervised

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Kids growing up unsupervised essay Kids growing up unsupervised is a controversial topic that has both advantages and disadvantages , we will explore both and arrive at a conclusion of whats best for developing children in a Psychological , emotional and physical perspective. “Balance is good, because one extreme or the other leads to misery “.Correspondingly I think that kids should develop with an adult influence and supervision but also be free to see and learn about the world by themselves” On one hand if kids are free to do whatever they want , they will have no control and this could result in being very problematic for him and for others. Not to mention that if a person doesn’t know or understand order this person will have a hard time respecting others . Furthermore another problem could be that they do not learn from others resulting in them making many mistakes in life due to not knowing the consequences of their actions . Similarly , if youngsters grow up by themselves with no one else there to correct them , they most certainly will struggle to learn and recognize good values and morals since they are living under instinct that is almost savage and not civil , being hard to understand the concept of good and evil.…show more content…
In contrast , kids developing by themselves can result in a very self confident person , who knows what they like and how to live their lives since whereby all of their knowledge has come from their mistakes and learning from them , trial and error. Furthermore , this person would be incredibly efficient as a result of getting everything they need and want by themselves since no one is there to provide it for them . where as in comparison as a skill or or knowledge being taught by someone else if one of these is learned by the person it will be taken more into consideration , resulting in a person being very

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