Who Am I Without Him Literary Analysis

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Literary Critique on “Who am I without Him” In the story “Who am I without Him” by Sharon Flakes, the unique and realistic characters that were in the story gave me mixed emotions throughout the book. This story is about a young high school student who is involved in a conflicted love life with her significant other Raheem. Her and Raheem’s relationship is a controlling one where Raheem says and she does. In the story the main character indoors a conflict in which she sees her boyfriend with another. In the book the author includes dialog that is common to the speech we use now. For example when the narrator says, “Them girls “when referring to the good girls and when she said, “I hate’em” when describing her feelings towards them. Another example is when she said “My Boo” when referring to Raheem. The speech that the characters use is common to…show more content…
I think the author can fix somethings to help make the characters and plot more interesting. For example I think it would be best if the author changed the main character up a bit. This is so that she can be a bit more relatable and likable for the readers. I think the plot can use some fixing so it’s a bit more interesting. For instance if the main character had actually said or done something when she saw, “the redhead standing on the corner with Raheem”. With his, “lips pressed tight to hers”. I think that this would add suspense to the conflict and make it a bit more interesting. I also believe that for the story to be better flowing the author should add more detail and information to the story. Like when the main character said, “I apologize just like my momma does when my daddy slaps her. Like Raheem’s momma does too.” I feel if the author gave a bit more information about this and Raheem’s backstory, we would get a better understanding of his character and why he acts like he
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