Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Character Analysis Essay

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Precaution for where are you going and where you have been without knowing. Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been, by Joyce Carol Oates writes: a story of a young girl and her relationship with her family. This girl is name Connie she is constantly at war with her family. Oates demonstrates her absurd desire to grow up. Connie is a girl who flaunts her beauty which leads her to a terrible event with Arnold Friend which results to death. This story was sitting in the 1960s, when in American there were many male predators were young girls had to be careful. Connie interchanges between two different sides of her personality, one, how she is just an innocent girl, and the other where she thinks she’s all grow up and mature enough. This story of Connie life includes growing up, sexuality, innocent and violence. Connie is a young teenage girl that falters, her beauty feeling better than others. Oates demonstrates Connie like a spoiled girl that gets to do whatever she wants because…show more content…
Connie is a vain girl, “She knew she was pretty and that was everything” (Oates 312) that thinks that the way she dresses and look is everything. She is a girl that likes to get everyone’s attention mostly from boys. Connie is the youngest child of the family so she the spoil one, but she feels all grown up and feels she does not have to do anything in the house. Connie hates everyone because she thinks that everyone hates her because she so pretty. But she also contradicts herself by saying “that her mother preferred her to Jane her sister because she was prettier”(Oates315).Oates does not say that Connie might feel lonely or not loved by her family but the truth is that she does not, she seems like they let her do whatever she wanted no questions asked. She seems as if she wanted to escape from her life and family

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