Raisin In The Sun Argument

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The central argument for A Raisin in the Sun is about the money the family gets. Walter is the main character who feels the strongest about the money. He has grand ideas about what he can do with it. Walter wants to use the money to invest in a liquor store. Throughout the book, Walter develops his argument about using the money to start a business. The main character of this story is Walter Younger. He loves his family, but is struggling to make ends meet. Walter is a chauffeur and does not make much money. His wife, Ruth, cleans houses for a living and also doesn’t bring in much money. They live with their family of five: Walter, Ruth, Walter’s mother Lena, Walter’s sister Beneatha, and his son, Travis. Living in a small apartment building and hardly making any money is stressful for Walter. However, Mama received a ten-thousand dollar check for her deceased husband’s insurance policy. Walter plans to use this money to invest in a liquor store to help make their lives better. Mama has worked her whole life and earned every penny she ever made. She was a house…show more content…
The first thing he says when he gets home after work is “Did it come?” (page 51). His tone is enthusiastic yet inquisitive. He knows that ten-thousand dollars is enough money to do anything, to make any dream come true. His purpose in the play is to play a crucial role in how the money is misused and foolishly given to a cause with a person involved, who takes advantage of the generous amount of cash offered up. Walter cries, “Willy!.. Willy… don’t do it… Please don’t do it… Man, not with that money… Man, please, not with that money… Oh, God… Don’t let it be true” (page 101). Walter invested sixty-five hundred dollars of the money into starting a liquor store. Willy took off with the money Walter and his friend Bobo invested. That money included Beneatha’s money for college, money to pay for the new house, and overall, money to live off
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