Compare And Contrast Gathering Blue And Messenger

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Quest Essay The Giver, Gathering Blue, and Messenger were all very good books. They all kind of took a different plot or path, yet intertwined perfectly with each other. One way that these books were nearly the same was that in each book, the main character has some kind of special gift that eventually helps to save their lives. In The Giver, Jonas’ special gift was that he was able to have memories transferred into his brain, and be able to keep those memories. In Gathering Blue, Kira’s hands have the ability to make beautiful art that depicts the future. In Messenger, Matty’s gift is that he is able to heal things with his bare hands. Each person's gift plays a huge role in making these stories who they were. Another thing that made these books similar was the fact that the main character had an adult that helped them make difficult decisions. For Kira it was Jamison, for Matty it was Seer and for Jonas it was Giver.…show more content…
For these books, the themes kind of tie into each other. I think that for both Giver and Gathering Blue, the theme was that things aren’t always as they seem. This is because in each, they realize that they have been lied to in order to keep them from not trying to escape or overpower their form of government. For Messenger,however, the theme is to never give up. The theme is shown in this book because the forest is doing everything it can to kill Matty and Kira. They are totally beaten up, but because Matty never gives up, he is able to save his village and the forest. These go together because stuff happens in life that aren’t as they seem. Whenever this happens, you can’t just give up and lay down, you have to persevere through it. This is what the themes of the books Giver, Messenger and Gathering Blue

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