What Was The Role Of American Workers In The Late 1800's

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As early as the 1790’s, American workers had already begun to band together to form local unions as a way of mustering enough bargaining power against unfair employers. Throughout the early 1800’s, attempts of the labor force to form vital national unions had been initiated , but conditions in society were not yet prime for success. The conclusion of the Civil War in 1864 accelerated industrialization of the nation and would foster the roots of the united labor movement in America. The development of new manufacturing methods, pioneered by Eli Whitney, would dramatically increase production levels of good in-mass qualities. The standardization of parts processes made possible the idea of making one good model of a particular product and reproducing thousands more…show more content…
The advent to machinery in industry changed craftsmen, who at one time worked tediously one product from start to finish, and who would now be required to perform specific and often repetitive tasks along with many other workers to produce a single product. These artisan tradesmen, prevalent in pre-Civil War days, would see their craft evolve and pride diminish as they slowly vanished from the American workforce. Distinct class divisions appeared as a result of this new mechanized society. The working class, consisting of millions of men, women, and children stood opposite the few, but powerful employing class. Although mass production in industry would be the giant catalyst that would propel the United States to economic world superiority, the effects on the common factory employee were devastating. Conditions in factories often demoralized the human spirit because of the degrading treatment of workers by employers. Workers often were restricted from talking to one another during the long work day and would be instantly fired if this rule was broken. Obnoxious policies and disagreements over non-negotiable wages being paid for labor was the cornerstone of growing

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