Personal Narrative: My 101 Year-Old Patients

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I realize I answered this question last week as well but I had another interaction with an 88 year-old man that I thought differed from my interaction with my 101 year-old woman from last week. My patient this week came in because he had increased confusion and weakness. The assisted living facility had him come in because he couldn’t leave the bathroom due to increased urgency. After being taken to the emergency room he was quickly diagnosed with urinary retention. As I was coming onto shift the previous nurse stated she had no difficulty with the patient but that he had been put into four point restraints during the evening shift because the doctor was attempting to place a catheter and the patient did not like it. The patient became combative and the only way to get him to stop swinging…show more content…
I came in and told him I needed to give him medications and gave him a quick basic instruction of what they all did and he said okay. I then asked if he liked chocolate pudding and he said yes and he seemed pretty excited for chocolate pudding. I put each of his meds in different bites of pudding and the nurse said he had never seemed so eager to take his medications. I found talking very simplistically was crucial with this patient not because he wasn’t intelligent but he would get distracted easily and unless it was short and sweet he would forget about the current conversation. I had to repeat information multiple times since he would forget about each medication I was talking about. The patient did not seem suspicious at all during out interaction and was very happy getting to eat chocolate pudding. I think presenting myself in a more confident manner and taking the time to explain all of them repeatedly helped remove the suspiciousness the nurse had seen previously. I also think it was helpful the patient was in a pleasant mood and that he liked chocolate

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