Enforceable Orders In Court

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It is important to note that your current parenting plan is not enforceable by the law unless it was registered in court as “Consent Orders”. Thus, if your parenting is unregistered, it can be varied or cancelled at any time by a new written, signed and dated agreement that provides for supervised visits only. However, a modified parenting plan may not be appropriate in your case due to the risk of abuse to Alice and potential family violence the children may be exposed to. Consequently, we recommend you to seek in court formal enforceable orders by applying for the sole parental responsibility of your children. Sole parental responsibility Applying for parenting orders in court can provide you with enforceable arrangements in regards to the…show more content…
For example, Tom has exposed the children to situations prohibited by the law by acting in a violent and threatening manner on the recent events at your home, and more importantly by possibly abusing your daughter as pointed out by the psychologist. Moreover, it could also be argued that he isolated you from your family members, and unreasonably denied you financial autonomy when you lived together, which could amount to family violence acting against the wellbeing of the children. An equally significant aspect to note is that the court is not required to find that the allegations of abuse against Tom are true, for the court it is sufficient to establish that an unacceptable risk exists for the children based on the evidence available. Hence, the court may order a family report, appoint an independent children’s lawyer or request any other evidence or assessment that would assist in forming a view of what is in the best interest of your children. In this, the psychologist’s report regarding the abuse of your daughter can potentially add substantial weight to your

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