Examples Of Selfishness In Hamlet

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Harry S. Truman once said, “Selfishness and greed, individual or national, cause most of our problems.” The character in the play who expressed selfishness was King Claudius. King Claudius is selfish because he wants money and power. King Claudius showed selfishness when he did not want to kill Hamlet because it would ruin his reputation. Another way he expressed selfishness, was when Polonius was killed. He did not acknowledge his death or worried about Queen Gertrude's safety, which showed how self-centered he was. Lastly, when Hamlet encounters his father’s ghost, he tells Hamlet that it was Claudius who had killed him. Claudius killed him for the position as king and for his wealth. This, again, shows how Claudius was selfish and only wanted to be in power.…show more content…
Carefully planning a way to kill Hamlet without ruining in reputation, he decides to send Hamlet to England to have the king there kill Hamlet. King Claudius ‘prays’ at church one day saying, “There’s hope for me. My sin has been committed; but what kind of prayer would fit my case? “Forgive me for my foul murder”? That cannot be, since I still have the possessions for which I did the murder- my crown, my own ambition, and my queen” (3.3.50-58). Therefore, this shows that Claudius has murdered his brother to become King. If Claudius kills Hamlet, he will lose his power, lose his queen, and lose his wealth. King Claudius wants the King of England to kill Hamlet so he does not have too. Claudius does not want to kill Hamlet because he is loved by his mother, Queen Gertrude and the people of Denmark. King Claudius believes if he kills Hamlet, his reputation as king will be ruined. Claudius's plan to have Hamlet killed shows how he believes he is more important than others and his
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