Process Analysis Of Haircut

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When cutting a client’s hair the main objective is to satisfy the customer by allowing yourself to strategically and professionally execute the proper cut. By properly analyzing exactly what the client wants along with what best fits their life style it is then the stylists job to perform the cut to the best of their ability. Haircuts can be done in multiple ways, it is up to the stylist to decide how they want to cut the hair, although haircuts can be done several different ways, there are numerous aspects of the hair that can affect the outcome of the cut. It is important to take into account the density, porosity, and texture of the hair, all in which play a key role in determining the proper haircut and process to do so in. These factors…show more content…
It is important to keep the wide tooth comb and clips close by, they are going to be needed. With this cut the sectioning of the hair is vital to the overall shape of the hair. First take the wide tooth comb and section the entire head of hair straight down the middle. By doing this it creates two equal parts for the haircut. Once this is done you will clip the left side of the hair up. With the right side of hair still remaining untouched, this is when the next section will be created. By using the wide tooth comb, crab the hair on the right side of the middle part and section the hair beginning at the front hair line (but the forehead) and ending right behind the ear. After doing this use a clip to secure the hair that has been sectioned. Mirror this information for the left side as well. Now there are two proportional parts on the left and right front corners of the head. With this hair being sectioned out, take the remaining hair and part two horizontal sections starting from the crown down. Using this hair you are going to create subsections that allow the stylist to create a traveling guide. The traveling guide sections are subsections that will be parted at 45 degree angles, this is the base structure of the A-Line…show more content…
When doing this elevate your hairs at a 90 degree angle, straight out from where the hair grows, thus creating a symmetrical and even guide that connects the back of the cut to the front of the cut. When doing this make sure to over direct the hair that is closest to the hairline by the forehead. This meaning, take the ¼ inch sections that were carried out through the entire haircut, but with the ¼ inch section by the forehead, angle the hair back to match up with the edge of the ears on both side. By doing this it doesn’t create a hole in the hair line. Make sure this process is done proportionally on the left and right side of the head. Thus establishing an even A-Line

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