The Men We Carry In Our Minds Critical Lens

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“ The Wife of Bath’s”, “The Men We Carry in our Minds”, an “A Father’s Sadness” are all collection 2 selections in which I will cover gender roles through a variety of viewpoints and genres, as well as from a range of time periods and cultures. This informative essay will describe how gender bias might affect how we perceive others. Gender roles are an important role to society especially how are we view others and on how we imagine others to be. The Wife of Bath’s tale mainly shows how woman’s only pleasure is to have control over their husbands. In the beginning the wife is going husband to husband and she exploits them. The wife is later on her own, she becomes old. A knight who is in trouble when the queen has to answer one question in order to survive and the question is “what women most desire in life?” After traveling around the world to get the correct answer he later reaches the wife and she tells him that women main desire to have control of their husbands. The knight promises one thing to the wife and…show more content…
In the story the author in the beginning believed women had an easy life but when he started attending college he realized that women have it hard life, however, his friends thinks the complete opposite where men have it hard in life. He believed that women are living an easier lifestyle because they don’t have to work and risk their lives like men had to, however, when he later realizes that men and women are working equally, that they both work hard. The author’s friend thinks the complete opposite, where men have a harder lifestyle because in dangerous conditions, and will risk their lives just to keep the family stable and well taking are of. Many people have their own opinion on who lives the most difficult lifestyle but no one will really understand who lives the most difficult life. All in all, this story focuses on how women and men think of each

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