What Is The Structure Of The Lion King

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The Lion King The beginning of the movie falls under the first structure due to the all the animals come to see the ceremony of the birth of King Mufasa’s son. Then Simba is introduced as the next heir to the throne meaning that the exposition of the structure is Mufasa teaching Simba about the circle of life. Simba becoming king and tested with challenge that includes the balance of being a part of the circle of life. The scene where Scars says to Mufasa, “Oh, no Mufasa. Perhaps you shouldn’t turn your back on me.” The scene gives the watcher information that Scar despises not being able to be the next heir .Also telling you that Scar longs for the power to rule a whole animal kingdom or whatever the light touches. He would have been the next heir if Simba wasn’t born.…show more content…
After that plan has failed due to Mufasa saving both Nala and Simba from the hyenas .Scar decides to make a better plan to kill both, Simba and Mufasa with some help. He speaks to Banzai and Shenzi, who are hyenas. The dialogue in the scene causes the action to almost reach the climax. Scar says “For the death of a king!” Banzai replies, “Why? Is he sick?” Scar retorts” No, fool we’re going to kill him. and Simba, too.” This makes it known that there might be a denouement happening

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