To Kill A Mockingbird: Argumentative Essay

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Alissa Serezo Mrs. Yuen Freshman English, Period 1 December 8, 2014 Rough Draft Restrained under six men, Eric Garner urgently needed to take a deep breath and fill his lungs with oxygen. Repeatedly he complained that he couldn’t breathe; yet officer Pantaleo and the other officers refused to ease their grip on Eric. As a result, within minutes Eric stopped breathing; an allegation stating that he was selling loosies, was what ultimately led to his death. In comparatively Eric Garner corresponds to Tom Robinson from To Kill a Mockingbird, both were family men who ended up dying before they were served the justice they deserve. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee takes place during the era of the Great Depression, where in the south segregation and racism against colored people still existed. Furthermore there were two individuals attempting to change their…show more content…
At one point he followed Tom’s wife Helen “until she reached Mr. Link Deas’s House [keeping the same distance behind her while softly “… crooning foul words”] (Lee 334). Despite the people of Maycomb knowing the Ewell’s lack credibility, they chose to believe him and convict Tom exclusively on the grounds that he is a man of color. Furthermore for Bob to have his way he will bank on antagonizing others, most especially the Finch’s. Coupled with his lack of credibility Bob is also known for his addiction to drinking booze, and violent characteristics when drunk, as a matter of fact he is perceived as a ,“low-down skunk with enough liquor in him to make him brave enough to kill children” (Lee 360). Even with his reputation Bob attempts to alter the truth and protect his name from further tarnishing, yet in the process hurts others.

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