The Great Gatsby Theme Analysis

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The Great Gatsby Theme Essay In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald incorporates several valuable themes that appeal to life, including some people can do what they please without the consequences, perception does not always equal equality, and sometimes people have to take the consequences for other people’s actions. In life, some people, especially wealthy people, can do what they please without the consequences. This is displayed through several of the characters, including Daisy. Daisy runs over Myrtle with Gatsby’s car, and everybody blames Gatsby, not Daisy. Tom sneaks by with having an affair with Myrtle, because Daisy understood her place in society as the “good wife,” so she just ignored the affair. Tom also evades the consequences…show more content…
Then they remember it as something that they loved and usually remember it better than it actually was. For when they try it again it does not adhere to their expectations. In The Great Gatsby, perception does not always equal reality, either. Gatsby is the character most familiar with this theme. The first time he meets Daisy, he falls in love with her and will do anything to be able to keep her. As time progresses, he builds up a fantasy of her as the perfect girl of his dreams. Then when he meets her again, she is not the perfect girl he has been dreaming of for so long. Gatsby realizes this because he only loved Daisy for her status, so when he is finally with her, her status is not enough. Nick is also affected by this theme. When he first meets Jordan, she appears to be this white, or pure, girl. Later, he realizes she is actually tan, or corrupted, and reckless and a liar. In Jordan’s eyes, her original perception of Nick does not equal his reality, either. She recignizes, “I thought you … honest, straightforward person” and “careless of me to make … wrong guess” (187). Like in the novel, many times people’s perception of things do not equal the

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