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To say the least, Emilie Flöge had an interesting relationship with Gustav Klimt. Gustav Klimt was one of the significant artists during Fin-de-Siècle Vienna where his art expressed new forms of modernism and reform. Klimt was a studious man and as a young man he studied at the “k.k Kunstgewerbeschule (now the University of Applied Arts in Vienna)”. (Arco, Agnes) He was able to earn enough income to support his family at home and live within the borders of the wealthy social class. The relationship between the Klimt and Flöge began when Flöge’s sister Helene married Ernst Klimt in 1891. During the many family gatherings, Christmas and birthdays, Klimt and Flöge’s relationship began to grow and intensified over time. Klimt would often join the…show more content…
He never married “but had numerous love affairs and several illegitimate children. In addition to his immediate family circle, Emilie Flöge was among the key constants in his life”. (Arco, Agnes) The couple saw each other most days of the week and spent as much time as they could with one another. (Arco, Agnes) Many believe that Klimt’s painting “The Kiss” was inspired by his relationship with Emilie Flöge. This painting in particular was accepted by Fin-de-Siècle Vienna because it “coincided with a growing and popular fascination with the city and its artists, and the sexually liberated youth cultures” who embraced Klimt’s works. (Varnedoe, Kirk) Most Viennese adolescents greatly appreciated Klimt’s work and during this time there was almost every reproduction of “The Kiss” in every dorm room, calendar and closet. Emilie Flöge’s relationship to “The Kiss” was assumed that she was the woman in the painting being embraced and kissed by the man, potentially Gustav Klimt. “The Kiss could be made the coal pint of the long central axis. Like a glittering magnet, it pulled the viewer through the nineteenth century and into the twentieth”. (Varnedoe,

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