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The Help is set in Jackson, Mississippi. The three main narrators in the film is Aibileen, Skeeter and Minny. If I would have to choose only one narrator, it would be Skeeter, and that is because the whole story revolves around her. The film is set around the 1960’s, and almost all the white families in the town has colored maids to take care of their babies, clean their houses and do the grocery shopping. The maids are subjects to extreme racism and Skeeter has had enough of this racial inequality. So Skeeter decides to make a book called The Help, therefore the name of the story, and the book is way to tell the story of the colored maids from their perspective. Skeeter knows that what she is doing is illegal, and it can have serious consequences.…show more content…
Skeeter is very determined to make a book featuring the stories of the colored maids who work for the white families in her hometown. Skeeter says what she thinking, and she is not afraid of the outcome. This may be the reason why her love life has never been so good. In the start of the film, Skeeter is good friends with Hilly and Elizabeth, and they have known each other since grade school, but as the story progresses, Skeeter and her her friends becomes more and more distanced, because they have different opinions on racial equality. Hilly is trying to pass a bill requiring families to have an outdoor bathroom for their colored house cleaners, and Skeeter is supposed to write some kind of article about the bill, but she plays a prank on Hilly by making a misspelling in her article on purpose and several toilets gets dumped on Hilly’s lawn. The entire black community starts to like Skeeter, while her friends do the opposite. This may be very tough for Skeeter, because the black maids can not show their love to Skeeter openly, because it is a very big risk. Skeeter is a very brave woman. I will make a characterization of Aibileen too. (I know I don’t have

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