What Does Fire Symbolize In Lord Of The Flies

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Fire has always been the driving force for the survival and advancement of humankind. It is a . This is especially true in Williams Golding’s Lord of the Flies. In LotF, a large group of British boys are stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There are no adults on the island, and the boys are forced to survive on their own.Throughout the book, fire is used to aid the survival of the boys, whether it is used to roast pigs or serve as signal to passing ships. Though fire’s purposes and uses maybe be simple, its meaning and significance are the opposite. In the beginning of the book, The signal fire acts as symbol of hope, as its smoke being seen by a passing ship is their only chance of rescue. In addition, the maintenance of the signal fire symbolizes the boy’s link to civilization, which changes, as they do, over time. However, fire is not all for good. It causes vast amounts of destruction and death on the island over the course of the book. Fire is a technology. Technology’s use, whether it be for good or evil, depends on who is using it. How the use of fire progresses in Lord of the Flies symbolizes how humans, when isolated from civilization, along with its rules and structures, revert back to their savage nature of unlawfulness and slaughter. In addition, it symbolizes the boys link to civilization and can be used to gauge their descension into savagery. As the boys spend more and more time on the island, many of them start to lose their ties to civilization and…show more content…
The world around them was in the middle of a large scale nuclear war. Since they were picked up by a naval officer, it is likely that they will immediately trained as soldiers and shipped off to the front lines. As easily as fire can be used for good, the boy’s rescue, it can be just as easily used for evil, the destruction of the island and death of the
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