Positive Consumer Driven Changes In Healthcare

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Positive Consumer Driven Changes in Healthcare Chrystal Hoffman University of Alabama at Birmingham Transition Professional Nursing Practice NUR 474 Dr. Milligan and Dr. Han September 29, 2015 Positive Consumer Driven Changes in Healthcare Many advancements in technology has changed the face of healthcare. Thirty years ago a patient with an illness would most likely visit their doctor to find out what the problem might be. While today internet search engines provide a wealth of knowledge for healthcare consumers and these resources are being utilized more than ever. A study from 2000 showed that people using the internet for medical information were more likely to be college educated and average above $50,000 per year in incomes (Diaz…show more content…
New innovations aimed to better serve patients in rural areas or those whom are homebound are the new telehealth initiatives. Telehealth is not a new development but its use is becoming greater and may answer the call to serving patients in remote rural areas ("Telehealth," 2012). It is estimated that there were over 70,000 websites that provided medical information and over 50 million people sought to find answers to their medical questions on these sites as of 2001(Cline & Haynes, 2001). A nurse can also utilize the web to research disease processes, treatments, and outcomes to help educate the patient and family. The internet helps patients to not only learn about their illness but it can help them to understand diet changes, safety, and medication management. A better educated patient is more likely to follow recommendations to help improve their health and this is beneficial to both the patient and the…show more content…
The rise in online apps such as My Fitness Pal, Weight Watchers, and Bodybuilding.com help the consumer to track their activity, meals and calorie intake for the day and even learn exercises to help them regain health. Patients have a wealth of knowledge available to foster healthy lifestyles. The nurse benefits from a client who is eager to learn and is proactive in their care. With the many resources available in both urban and rural communities, the nursing community can expect to see patients who are at least making an effort to live

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