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While reading poems by Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor, the theme of death of children was a common subject the writers reflected upon. In Anne Bradstreet’s poem, In Memory of my Dear Grandchild Anne Bradstreet, Who Deceased June 20, 1969, Being Three Years and Seven Months Old, and Edward Taylor’s poem, Upon Wedlock and Death of Children, Bradstreet writes about the grandchild being deceased and Taylor recalls the suffering during the loss of his two children. Both writers expressed the emotions experienced during mourning by using imagery and religious ideology for consolation. An examination of the poems reveals the similarities of the two Puritans as they expound upon Puritan beliefs, and challenge certain concepts of their faith. First, both Bradstreet and Taylor experience the loss of children. Each author recalls the devastation from the loss by using different metaphors for comparison. Bradstreet uses the imagery of nature. Bradstreet writes, “By nature trees do rot when they are grown, And plums…show more content…
Bradstreet states, “Is by His hand alone that guides nature and fate” (Bradstreet, 230). She affirms her trust in Gods providence. Puritans believed God had a hand in everything happening, and Bradstreet believes his hand is guiding the child’s fate. Taylor was a Puritan, as well. Taylor writes, “And having Choice, chose this my branch forth brought. Lord take’t. I thank Thee, Thou tak’st ought of mine” (Taylor, 304). In this particular line, Taylor feels honored the Lord has taken his flower for himself. He believes the flower was chosen by his God specifically and predetermined to have salvation. The Puritans were firm believers in “Predestination”, which states, “certain people are predestined for salvation” (Humphry, 1). Although the writers were mourning, each writer remained faithful to the Puritan ideas and beliefs and used their faith to justify their

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