Examples Of Idealism In Star Trek

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Star Trek VI I never watched this Star Trek movie until now. To summarize this movie, it’s about the Federation and Vulcans trying to make peace with the Klingons. The Federation tries to do a nice thing for the Klingons and it ends up taking a turn for the worse. Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy get blamed for killing the Klingon Chancellor, and so Spock had to save them from a mining prison. Then, in the end of the movie, Captain Kirk’s crew saves the Federation President from assassination and finds out who is behind the murdering scheme. Star trek shows values from Neo-Liberalism, which entails Idealism, and Liberalism In this movie I find it to be like idealism. Idealism is the “theoretical perspective, in contrast to realism, that focuses on the importance of morality and values in international relations” (Kaarbo and Ray 7). In the beginning of the movie they are having a confidential meeting about the Klingons. The federation is worried about the updated news of their empire life expectancy. They only have roughly “fifty earth years of life left for the Klingon Empire” (Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country). The Klingons want to negotiate…show more content…
Idealism is demonstrated in this movie because the Federation shows a great deal of care and compassion for the Klingon Empire. They offered to make a safe place in Federation air space (Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country). They stuck their neck out in order to ensure the Klingon Empires safety. Liberalism is demonstrated in this movie because the Federation included the Klingons the whole way through, and they didn’t leave them out of the conversation and go straight to war. They wanted to include them in the peace conference to ensure all parties knew what they were up against. This movie showed many great examples of Neo-Liberalism, and was an interesting way to show the definition of what Neo-Liberalism

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