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I. Introduction A. Attention getter- According to Glassescrafter.com, it is estimated that about 75% of adults use some sort of vision correction B.Purpose statement- the main type of vision correction is eyeglasses, and that is what my speech will be about. C.Thesis Statement- the three main points of this speech will be the history of eyeglasses, the different types of lenses that can be used on glasses, and glasses as a fashion item. 1. List 3 main points inventors, revisions. types of lenses and frames history of glasses (TS) the first of my points that i will be talking about is the history of glasses. II. Main body A. Part 1- Eyeglasses were a very important invention both in its earliest forms and in todays society. Eye glasses…show more content…
Part 2- Lenses are the most important part of eyeglasses. There are many different kinds of lenses and frame styles that can be used with eyeglasses and they are used for different kinds of vision impairment. the most basic and common type of lenses are the corrective lens. These lenses are used to refract the light that is entering the eye to help the person see better. For nearsightedness, usually the most common lens that is used would be the concave lens. Concave lenses bend the light that is entering your eye outwards, so that the light reaches the back of your retina. If you have far-sightedness, the lens that you would most likely get would be a concave lens. instead of bending the light outwards like the concave lens, it bends the light inwards to help the light reach the back of the retina. Bifocal eyeglasses are also one of the more common types of glasses. bifocals are mainly used by people who are far sighted, but also have other eye conditions such as astigmatism or near sightedness. bifocals are basically a concave lens, but a small portion of the lens is concave. similar to the no line bifocal is the no line bifocal or progressive bifocal. the no line bifocal has a smoother transition into the different types of lenses instead of being an abrupt change. one the most popular kinds of eyeglasses that are used for fashion in the modern era are sunglasses. The main use of sunglasses is to protect the eye from harmful ultraviolet rays. another feature that…show more content…
Part 3- Early on, most people saw glasses as unfashionable, and having to wear glasses signified someone as elderly and physically weak. Glasses began to come into fashion when many popular figures such as Theodore Roosevelt, who was often photographed wearing eyeglasses, and Harold Lloyd a comedian who wore Glasses in some of his films. In recent times, glasses have become a fashion statement and many celebrities became synonymous with the types of glasses that they wore. Some of the main examples of famous celebrities and eyewear would be John Lennon with his round metal frames, which would be later popularized by the Harry Potter Series.Another example would be Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who is the 70s, popularized the use of very large sunglasses.Some famous celebrities even continued to wear non prescription glasses even after getting contact lenses or laser eye surgery. Some styles of glasses were even popularized in comic books such as Superman and Wonder woman. The main reason that Glasses became a fashion item is because of the wide variety of frames that are available. some of the most recognizable style of frames would be Horn-Rimmed glasses, which would be similar to the style of glasses that I wear, and “Harry potter” glasses, which were round metal

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