What Does African American Culture Mean To Me Essay

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There are many different stories of a person’s past. These stories can make or break a person’s character and help develop their personality for years to come. My ideals of being an individual all come from my unique experiences in my seventeen years in this country. “The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams.” By Tupac Shakur. No matter what goal I had for myself, I never caved in on the matter of outside forces in any situation. I just want to explain with all accomplishments, goals, and dreams can be affected just by this seventeen letter phrase, “black male in America”. My high school defiantly had an influence on my development towards my personality. It was based off also my viewpoints on situations I’ve come across.…show more content…
At my job, I had noticed everyone was really kind and had great personalities. There were multiple ethnic groups at my job so it wasn’t weird for me. At NHP Memorial (New Hyde Park Memorial), I feel more like a minority. Ironically, it isn’t just a feeling due to the percentage of African Americans in the school was a pretty small percentage. It almost gave an exact reflection at my internship in Westbury, NY. So at this rate, I had to try harder to prove not to be my stereotype of my ethnicity. No one will directly admit it in a workplace environment, but everyone has a stereotype based on their religion, body presence, or ethnicity. I felt it was a personal obligation for me to work harder to prove that I don’t become a copy of what people would perceive me to be. Nothing was wrong with any of my employees and staff at my internship. Also, this is a normal feeling for some people in any workplace environment. This shouldn’t be the case, but sadly in the United States it is such case. Relating back to the Tupac Shakur quote stated, I would not like to end up as a statistic based off my ethnicity’s reputation. Not only wanting to have dreams, but to construct these dreams to become

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