What Causes Crime In America

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Throughout history people have tried to explain what causes crime in America. Efforts to control bad behavior go back to ancient times 3,700 years ago. Later in the seventeenth century, European colonists considered crime and sin the same thing. They believed evil spirits possessed those who didn’t follow rules. Criminologists study what causes crime and how they can be prevented. By the twenty first century, criminologists looked to a wide range of reasons why people would commit crimes. These included social, economic, biological, and psychological reasons. Reasons for committing a crime also include greed, anger, jealously, revenge, or pride. Some people carefully plan everything in advance to increase gain and decrease risk.These people even consider a life crime better…show more content…
Giving a child too much access is basically giving a child an opportunity to roam freely. Things such as staying out too late with no consequences, or smoking and drinking form an uncontrollable child. When your child does not respect you they tend to not respect themselves or anyone else such as teachers, police, and other civilians. Foreigners are shocked by the immorality in our society. Our society is giving too much sexual freedom. They react by keeping their children away from society as much as possible by giving them strict supervision and rules. They believe that things such as certain TV shows, radio, and movies influence evil. Evil influences are everywhere for our society. With more technology, children this day in time are able to get in more trouble. More cyber bulling and things such as sexual harassment is easy to get into. We have more and more deaths due to bullying and kidnapping in our society. Parents should supervise their children as much as possible to prevent the cause of this. CRIME AND IMMORALITY IN AMERICA 4 4 By giving more strict curfews, and not allowing any type of uneducated source of

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