What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Domain Name System

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INTRODUCTION The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical distributed naming system for any service ,computer or any resources that connect to internet. It associates with domain names that assigned to each of the IP addresses. Most accurately, it translates domain names, which humans could memorized it, to the numerical IP addresses needed for the particular purpose of computer services and devices worldwide. The DNS is a suitable component of the functionality for most Internet services since it is the Internet's main directory service. As part of the DNS responsibility, each domain was designated with authoritative name servers for the purpose of assigning domain names and mapping IP addresses for certain names. This is to help the work…show more content…
There are many advantages of DNS, which are included: I. Errors checking. The software that was installed in DNS server is capable of detecting errors automatically. This software will run a check for the possibilities of errors whenever the users update their DNS server, and then reported to the users. This helps users to prevent a DNS failure on their own account. II. Security performances. Companies that use DNS server could protect the company personal data from being accessed by unauthorized party. The DNS servers are monitored regularly and installed with latest security patches. III. Flexibility. DNS servers are very flexible to be use. For the example, a single DNS server is capable of managing multiple Internet domains and sub domains IV. Consistency. In organizations, the naming structure for both internal and external Internet resources can be kept constantly without having it conflict with others resources. V. Easy to use. Every DNS server, domains and account can be managed through a secured and easy-to-use web-based interface, where the customers can easily manage domains with just a simple login. All of that only require a computer with a web browser and an Internet

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