What Are Americans Satisfied Essay

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Americans Satisfied? Just last year, I was one of the few waiting in line for the opulent new iPhone to come out. Thousands of people were outside of the Apple store waiting to open. I wanted to have the satisfaction of having the phone in my hand like everybody else. I wanted to live the “American Dream” and have everything in my possession. Although some Americans belief they are satisfied, everyone has an empty feeling of true American satisfaction. People, who oppose and say they are satisfied, have not truly lived the American dream. Their happiness and satisfaction has been achieved with what they have accomplished throughout their lives. They believe they achieve the American dream through a complete life of deference and the privileges…show more content…
This is just a part of the American dream. When jobs and the economy fail, Americans become very unhappy and start complaining, instead of appreciating the things they have. Americans have a mindset of feeling like something is missing in their lives, a black, empty hole that drives Americans for more wealth and power. Every American, men and women, constantly want to have new things in their hands. Women will constantly buy new clothes in order to look better than they did before. Giving an example that they are never satisfied with how they look. It has been proven that a banal woman will spend forty minutes playing with her children and shop six hours in a week. Ninety-three percent of girls, when asked, will list shopping as their favorite hobby (O’Neill, 194). Men will buy luxurious cars to gloat to their friends. When a new model car is released they trade in the old for the new. When buying something, people will lean toward the new stuff instead of what they really like because it is “the new thing”. If you do not want the new styles--- All they want is something newer so they can have some pride and happiness filing up their empty satisfaction (O’Neill, 193).Those people who think they are satisfied are only thinking about their life, not what they
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