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Westerbork was a concentration camp located near Westerbork. It held 1,100 people, some Jewish refugees , including Anne Frank . Westerbork opened in the summer of 1939 , it was enlarged in 1942. Westerbork aims situated in the northeastern part of the Netherlands. Westerbork held up to 2,000 people maximum. Westerbork was a transit camp unlike other camps. Prisoners at Westerbork did metal work , manual labor , and serve various areas around the camp. Westerbork was a fairly good camp that treated people "ok". As a matter of fact Anne Frank was one of the many other Jews attending Westerbork, also attending Aushwitz Birkenau or so they said at the museum of tolerance. Westerbork wasn't the best camp, but they had a restaurant there so people…show more content…
The first prisoners arrived at the camp on October 9th 1939. Not to mention Westerbork was enlarged in 1942. It held 750 refugees before it was enlarged. July 1, 1942 is when Westerbork officially became a transit camp. The very first train that came to Westerbork was on July 15th and it left the next day. The first train transferred 1,135 people to Auschwitz. All though Westerbork was a 25m x 25m it was enlarged to 500m x 500m and became a transit camp that transferred more than 103,000 Jews. All though Westerbork was a fairly large camp , after it was enlarged , it was located in the Netherlands. Furthermore Westerbork was 80 miles north of Amsterdam. It was surrounded by barbed wired fence. It also had 7 watchtowers and 24 large wooden barracks , which eventually went up to 107. The camp had many securities and it was located close to the village Westerbork. Westerbork held up to 2,000 people maximum. Most were people from Germany , which was surprising. They usually kept them there for a while and then they would transfer them to a different camp. Since Westerbork was a transit camp. Fun fact Anne Frank went to this camp. Westerbork wasn't the biggest of all camps, but it still held a good amount of

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