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Have you ever been in a room alone, or put in time out for something you did wrong? How would you feel is you were in a room by yourself with no light, human touch, or socialization for over ten years? On November 4, 1970, Genie Wiley was found in her Los Angeles home after spending thirteen years confined in her room. She was raised in extreme isolation from others and didn't receive proper communication or training to survive. Genie was and is still referred as the “wild child”-she was uncivilized, immobilized, still wearing diapers, and unable to talk. She shaped and questioned the biological, social, psychological, and moral development of psychology for the human species. Each of these factors play a key role in how she acted. First, Genie Wiley’s care really was the turning point of the critical period. The critical period is the period during someone’s development which a particular skill or characteristic is believed to most readily acquired. During her isolation she didn’t receive the proper skills acquired to live a developed lifestyle. This would fall under the psychological development of Genie’s experience. While Genie’s father keep her isolated, she never learned the basic skills as a baby or toddler to function on her own.…show more content…
Moral development is the principle for how individuals treat one another with respect, justice, other’s welfare, and rights. The video The Secrets of the Wild Child didn’t cover Genie’s moral actions. There isn’t an understanding if the scientist were not thinking about that or completely forgot. The only thing they focused on was trying to get her normal. It is important for someone to know their beliefs and boundaries for themselves and others. Genie really didn’t show a desire for others needs or even paid attention for herself. For this, moral development is crucial and something she’ll never adapt. She will and now always need someone to take care of

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