Mr. Pignati's Loneliness In The Pigman

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In Paul Zindel’s book, The Pigman (1968), Angelo Pignati a retired electrician, reveals mixed emotional traits as he entertains John and Lorraine. Two teenagers John and Lorraine, decide to prank call a random number in the address book. An older man answers the phone and is so delighted to have someone to talk to, he quickly befriends them and asked if they would like to come visit. The teenagers, soon visiting with Mr. Pignati everyday, were having a great time until one night, Mr. Pignati collapsed on the stairs because of a heart attack that sadly took his life. During his friendship with John and Lorraine, the teenagers see Mr. Pignati’s loneliness, friendliness, and willingness whenever they are visiting or taking a little trip with him. Mr. Pignati’s loneliness is shown when he goes to the zoo everyday to visit his friend that’s a monkey named Bobo (“I want you to meet Bobo my best friend” (56)). Mr. Pignati’s loneliness is also revealed when he lies to John and Lorraine that his wife is in California because she is on a trip, though she is actually dead. The teenagers know that he does not want to admit she is dead because he loved her company. Also, Mr. Pignati loneliness shows when he asks John and Lorraine to come over and visit everyday because he has nothing else to do and is very welcoming. The only real friends Mr.…show more content…
Pignati’s is willing when he donates ten dollars to a fake charity that John and Lorraine made up. Mr. Pignati’s willingness also shows when he takes the teenagers to the store, and lets them buy whatever they want with his own money. He is doing this because he feels comfort with is friends and wants them to be happy. Mr. Pignati’s willingness also shows when he lends the teenagers the keys of his house until he gets back from the hospital (“‘You keep them, maybe you will want to watch some television and eat some chocolate ants’” (115)). John and Lorraine decide to throw a wild party because they have Mr. Pignati’s

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