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westerbork Westerbork was just a camp that the Jews were to be held before they were shipped off to die. Westerbork was situated 15km to the village of Westerbork (“Westerbork Holland”). This camp was opened by the Dutch during the summer of 1939 in order to receive the Jewish refugees coming from Germany. The Jewish refugees came to Westerbork on October 9, 1939(“Westerbork Holland”). When the Germany army invaded Holland there was 750 Jews in the camp. Westerbork was one of the best camps the Jews went to. Westerbork wasn’t like any of the other concentration camps. Westerbork had a school for Jews that didn’t come for their mom and dad (”Westerbork Holland”). There was also a hair dresser, an orchestra, and even a restaurant. This design was by the ss in order to avoid any problems with the transfer to Auschwitz (“Westerbork Holland”). The worst part was that the ss had Jews choose who would leave…show more content…
The reason there where prison barracks was because some of the Jews didn’t come just because the Nazis called them, they hide out. The Jews that would hide out would be sent to the prison barracks. All barracks were long and made out of all wood. Since they Skurupey 2 were put up in a hurry they were badly built doors and windows didn’t fit tightly and chinks were everywhere, so rain, wind, and dust could come in (“Westerbork transit camp”). Each barrack would hold over 300 people (“Westerbork transit camp”). Inside the barracks there was bunk beds, three-high, with straw sacks for mattresses and pillows, there was no sheets, and blankets they had to bring them themselves(“Westerbork transit camp”). The bathroom was worse it was in the back of the barracks there was one long sink in the middle of the room with faucets spaced 3 feet apart. It also had one toilet that could flush but nobody did (“Westerbork transit

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