Similarities And Differences Of Guys Vs. Men, By Dave Barry

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In today’s society, many of people do not realize the similarities and differences between guys and men. To discuss first are the guys. From an article inside the textbook called Guys vs. Men written by Dave Barry, it states that guys characteristics are,” mechanical and unnecessarily complex” (Cooley). This means that guys are generally more precise and they do not like to encounter problems that occur when they appear throughout their lifetime. In addition, guys like to hear about exciting stuff of what is happening in the world because it truly fascinates them. According to Barry, he states,” Without guys, this stuff probably would not exist” (Cooley). Also about guys, they tend to not rather think about a situation from that last moment in time instead they just…show more content…
In the article, Dave Barry presents the issue of how this gender travels through life. Barry’s evidence is from the different situations play out, but to me, Barry is being bias towards the guys rather than the men in this case. Barry assumes that guys make life more enjoyable rather than men in which are stupid or laid back more. This article honestly made me feel unhappy because this author made it seem to believe how guys are obviously found to be more responsible than how men are. When I hear the word “men” I think of people who see things through its entirety not like unintelligent or irresponsible. I disagree with his argument because he literally just views how guys see reality and lightly considers how men see reality also. I am against this because he needs to have an overview to both topics of discussion to allow readers like me able to see his whole evidence on both sides in order to get a clear picture of what he is trying to say. This being said, I did like the reading because some parts did seem to be humorous which made it be interesting by trying to distinguish between guys from

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