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The Treaty of Ghent is important in the history of the United States because before this treaty was signed and had been official, the United States won a key victory which was a turning in the War of 1812 on Lake Champlain. I believe in signing this peace treaty with the British, it helped shape the United States even further into the Superpower that it is in today's society. To explain how this Treaty came into existence I'd like to talk about the War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain. The War of 1812 came into being because of 3 main issues: the impressment of many American seaman into the British Royal Navy against their own will, the economic blockade of France that the British had setup, and finally the British had been…show more content…
Months after the signing of the U.S. declaration of war, the United States commenced with a three-point invasion of Canada, which was not successful. However the Navy of the United States was more successful, and many United States sea vessels, along with the USS Constitution, triumphed in many skirmishes over British warships. In 1813, the United States had won several key victories in the region of the Great Lakes, but Britain eventually regained control of the sea and then in turn blockaded the Eastern seaboard. In 1814, with the overthrowing of dictator Napoleon Bonaparte, the British were able to gather a large quantity of militaristic resources for the American war, and because of this, Washington D.C., fell into the hands of the British in August. British troops then burned the White House, the Capitol and many other important buildings in payback for the burning of their government buildings, which were in Canada, by U.S. soldiers. Soon after though the British forces retreated, and Fort McHenry in the harbor of Baltimore was able to withstand a huge British invasion and gave inspiration to Francis Scott Key to create our now nation's anthem, the “Star-Spangled Banner.” On September 11, 1814,

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